21 Things All Londoners Should Certainly Know By Now

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

21 Things All Londoners Should Certainly Know By Now

Whether you’ve been here your whole life or you were only recently drawn to the city’s dazzling lights, it doesn’t take long before you realise certain things that you grow to accept once you live in London.


1. A reasonably priced pint is something you should treasure.


2. ‘Pop-ups’ often develop an unruly habit of sticking around.

3. No matter how well you think you’ve prepared your outfit for the weather, you’ll always be wrong.

4. Going out on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is totally acceptable. In fact, encouraged. Even necessary.

5. Because turning down a drink becomes pretty tricky here.

6. Saying that, whether deciding on whether to have ‘mad one’ or a Netflix binge, the latter always wins.

7. Your postcode has quickly become part of your identity.

8. You know exactly the best place to stand at your regular platforms.

9. And get pissed off if someone is standing in your sweet spot.

10. You’ve learnt that the ‘No Entry’ or ‘No Exit’ signs at tube stations mean absolutely nothing.

11. You’ve grown numb to getting up-close-and-personal with strangers at 8.30am every morning.

12. Although London’s home to 8.6 million people, you’ll definitely bump into your ex on the tube.

13. You’ve long realised that buying a property here is a goal you’ll never achieve.

14. Unless you moved to Brentford.

15. The edge of the road is always a better/quicker place to walk than the pavement. Because tourists/slow walkers.

16. And if you’ve ever been involved in a cyclist collision, you’ve learnt that it probably hurts them more.

17. You’re sure the Emirates cable car doesn’t really exist… (but you’ve never been on it). 

18. No matter how much you want that special edition Zara dress, spending Saturday on Oxford Street isn’t worth it.

19. You know not to stand on the left. We shouldn’t even need to put this here, really.

20. Your claim to feel constantly busy, living this ‘hectic’ city life, but you don’t actually do anything.

21. But if you’re not going to do anything anywhere, you know it has to be in London <3

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