21 Things Every Londoner Who Is Already Excited About Christmas Will Relate To

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21 Things Every Londoner Who Is Already Excited About Christmas Will Relate To

It’s the middle of October, the Oxford Street Christmas lights are up and ready to be switched on, and a lot of shops already have Christmas in full swing. So when is it acceptable to be your true, excitable, Christmas-loving self?


1. You’ve already cracked out your Christmas jumper… 

2. …and, let’s be honest, you’ve been wearing Christmas socks all year round.

3. You’re trying to work out when would be a socially acceptable time to plant the “Secret Santa” bomb in the office.

4. You’ve planned 75% of your Christmas presents…

5. ..and you’ve already bought the other 25%.

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6. You can’t wait for the day the Oxford Street Christmas lights are turned on…

7. …and it will take pride of place in your social calendar.

8. You’re busy mentally rearranging your tiny London flat to make room for a Christmas tree.

9. You might have already watched Elf… maybe…

10. You’re waiting eagerly for the Coca Cola advert to show on TV…

11. …because the minute you see that red, glowing truck you’re allowed to talk about Christmas as much as you like. Right?

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12. You’ve ranked every single John Lewis advert that has ever existed, and you can’t wait to decide how this year’s will place…

13. …and, of course, you’ve pondered the most important questions…

14. Will it make you cry?

15. What song will they use?

16. Who will be singing it?

17. Will they make another soft toy that you can buy for £95?

[John Lewis]
18. You’re having a full blown panic that your parents might think you’re too old for a stocking…

19. Because, really, you’re never too old for clementines and chocolate coins, amirite?

20. You’ve already booked your train back home to your parents’ for the holidays…

21. And, just before reading this article, you were googling Jamie Oliver’s best Turkey recipes. 

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