19 Things That Happen When Wimbledon Is On In London

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There has perhaps been a teeny weeny, incy wincy bit of a sport overload so far this summer…aka. if we see one more ball being kicked/hit/tossed (hehe – ok, maybe not tossed…) then we will actually SCREAM. And obviously not in celebration, considering how utterly dire we are at all things competitive. But Wimbledon always has a special place in our hearts and, naturally, we are mourning its impending ending…despite the fact that the only reason we like it is the acceptance of drinking copious amount of Pimm’s on a weekday…wait, what? Who said that…



1. Non-tennis fans all of a sudden become experts in backhand smashes and double bagels.

2. Despite the fact that for the remaining 50 weeks of the year these terms refer solely to sexual escapades…(we’ll explain another time)…

3.  And breakfast.

4. Reported repetitive strain injuries in the neck triple in number.

5. As do elbow RSI’s.

6. Funnily enough, however, not from the rise in tennis playing…

7. But from the increase in repetitive Pimm’s to mouth action, and back again.

8. Why else is it called ‘tennis elbow’?

9. If you don’t like tennis, you suddenly become an object of great suspiciousness.

10. Seriously.

11. People will start to question what sort of person you are.

12. And this will become a part of your daily life for the REST of the year.

13. Despite the fact that you know fine well at least 70% of your friendship are also pretending to like it.

14. Going for a picnic takes on a whole new level of meaning.

15. As does men (or women) in uniform.

16. And queues…(seriously, you have to queue for queues…)

17. Waking up at 5am to trek over to Wimbledon, to then hike up a massive hill (good ol’ Murray Mound), to then watch the tennis on a TV SCREEN (that you have to pay for…) seems totally reasonable.

18. You’ll get sunburnt.

19. Despite the fact that it’s rained the entire time.


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