21 Signs You’re Just Not Made To Be A Londoner

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London’s tough. We aallll know it. But we’ve also all stuck with it. Unless you’re reading this somewhere that’s not London…which is indeed possible…and totally great of course. HI NON-LONDONER! Even those of you reading this in London, we bet you’ve had some second thoughts about whether or not you’re made for this mad city. We know we have! Every. Single. Day. Especially during rush hour. It’s not a bad thing, though – always good to question your existence. But to make it easier, we’ve noted some signs that may just help you out…


1. You hate walking. Or anything involving using your legs.


2. You can’t budget.

3. Fresh air makes you happy, and pollution tires you out. (It needs to be the other way around).

4. The sound of sirens will keep you awake at night.

5. You’re claustrophobic.

6. You don’t have the Fever App. (How else do you plan your social life?!)

7. You can’t get yourself home after a night on the sauce.

8. You insist on wearing high heels to work/a night out.

‘Nope, my feet DON’T hurt’…Subbttllee…[Tumblr]
9. You need at least 6 hours of sleep to function. Fat chance. Especially if you’re a number 4 too.

10. You’re a germaphobe.

11. This is what you look like on the tube whenever someone looks at you…

 12. Or this…

13. Instead of this…

Keep up the good work on the resting bitch face [Pinterest]

14. Going to a laundrette is not an option.

15. Horn beeping raises your blood pressure. (Just not worth the risk…)

16. So does running late…

17. You enjoy knowing 80% of people when you go out.

18. And being at the top of your game/social ladder.

19. You’re crap at being rude to anyone.

No matter how hard you try… [Giphy]
20. You don’t like cities. (Haha, we knew this one would surprise you…)

21. But we just don’t get why!

They seem to like it! [Themes]

Featured Image Credit: Flickr Bob Rhodes

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