21 Signs From The Brexit March That Could Only Have Been Made By Londoners

On Saturday 25th March, tens of thousands of Londoners came together with daffodils, drums and, most importantly, a lot of very, very dry signs. If there is one thing Londoners love more than French cheese, cheesy Italian pizza and Eurovision…cheese, it’s an extremely dry sign at a very peaceful march. Here are some of our favourites…


1. Brexit? Tube Strikes? London House Prices?


2. The closest a Londoner will ever get to an emotional outburst.


3. A witty comment about brexit? Meh, a Londoner’s presence is enough.




5. Innit, though.


6. This year was our year.



7. Brexit means…


8. Can we go organic?


9. So how far along are we with Scotlond? #Scotlond #please



10. Oh, oh, oh, oh, no baby please don’t go!


11. True London gent.

12. Keep Calm and Carr-E.U. on…


13. So is Farage Voldemort…


14. Or a ‘swivel-eyed loon’?

15. Thanks for being perfectly polite, sincerely, London.


16. Even (E)U.


17. There were no avocados back then.


18. Word player.


19. The face of every Londoner facing a minor delay on the Northern Line.


20. Someone give him a hug. Someone give us all a hug.


21. ‘Pulling out never works.’


London, as always, you are brilliant.

(Feature Image: Twitter)



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