21 Reasons Why A Night Out In South London Is A Rollercoaster Of Confusion

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21 Reasons Why A Night Out In South London Is A Rollercoaster Of Confusion

1. You will begin your night drinking out of plastic bottles.

2. Because if you don’t live in South London, it will take you eons to get there.


[Pleated Jeans]
3. Which is why you were unsure about going out there in the first place.

4. But you’d heard it was ‘up and coming’.


[Mothers Meeting]
5. And cheap.

6. And all your friends that live there rave about how trendy it is.

7. Despite spending every weekend in Infernos.

8. Which you’ve refused to go to as South London has much more to offer.


 9. And you definitely didn’t make that treacherous voyage across the river to be surrounded by posh blokes ‘slumming it’.

10. Who are in fact everywhere.

11. As the once ‘grotty’ South London is now hip-hop and happening. (A phrase that evidently ‘hip-hop and happening’ people themselves use…)


12. A bit like East.

13. But with more Chicken Shops.

14. Some of which are totally and surprisingly deliciously mouth-watering.


Jerk Chicken at its best! [Flickr: Helen Graves]
15. Giving it a perfect mix of unpretentious coolness.

16. Which will confuse you almost as much as trying to figure out what exactly goes on in Battersea Power Station.

17. Or the Bussey Building.

18. South London in fact appears to be suffering from a severe identity crisis.


[Buzz Feed]
19. Which you don’t mind as it makes a night out here far more interesting.

20. As you can sip on ‘Crunk Juice’ whilst enjoying a ‘dill and walnut oil tabbouleh’.

21. Looking out on this.


[London From The Rooftops]

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