21 Reasons Why You Need To Live In London At Least Once

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

21 Reasons Why You Need To Live In London At Least Once

We love this citaaaaaay.


1. Because you need to experience being continuously broke at some point in your life.
continuously broke
2. Because London has one of the most intricate public transport systems in the world.
northern line
3. And it always runs smoothly.
4. Because London is a big player when it comes to global change.
big players
5. And the city is at the height of cultural excellence.
piss off
6. The shopping in London is something else.
7. And it does Christmas pretty darn well.


8. It’s the place you come to make huge life decisions.

pub sign london


9. London flaunts some fantastic skylines for photo opps.

the skylie


10. Like, some seriously gorgeous views…



11. And you’ll have some of the world’s most famous landmarks at your doorstep.

wanking big ben
[To do whatever you want with… Imgur]


12. And there’s always endless fun.

visit to london


13. The capital is full of famous faces.

So I saw Ace Ventura today in London.


14. It’s the perfect place for falling in love.
Tinder - love
15. Because Londoners are remarkably generous folk.
Free Shrugs
16. And the city is accepting of all individual life choices.
open to food
17. It’s home to the excessively rich.
velvet car
18. And it’ll teach you that you can do anything you goddamn want to.
old man sunbatheing
19. We’re proud to have a history of great leaders.
great leaders
20. Here in London, you can ponder life’s big questions.
21. And, most importantly, Londoners all look out for each other…
london foc
[“Come on, let’s get you home mate.” Imgur]
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