22 Excellent Reasons For Londoners To Drink More Wine

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22 Excellent Reasons For Londoners To Drink More Wine

With London Wine Week kicking off across the capital on Monday, we don’t need any more convincing to buy a wristband and get access to the finest wine the city has to offerfor a whole week. But if you’re someone who feels guilt when they gulp, simply read these perfectly legitimate reasons why we Londoners need more wine in our lives.


1. Wine helps Londoners forget how much money they just forked out for a glass of wine.



2. Strangers may mistake your ‘wine face’ for a smile.



3. And that will make someone’s day.


4. There’s a wine for every occasion.



5. Take advantage of London’s diverse wine scene; expand your cultural knowledge by trying wine from ALL regions.


6. Every tube LINE rhymes with WINE.


7. But, unlike the Underground, there’s always ‘a good service on all wines.


8. Wine is probably better for you than the chlorine-pumped water.


9. Fresh ingredients are pricey… you need to get one of your five a day somehow.


10. And you need some way to stay hydrated on the Central Line.



11. (Both to and from work.)


12. Londoners are well known to be ‘winey’…



13. And we obviously need to live up to our reputation.


14. How else can we survive the horrendous Tinder dates?


15. Or there lack of.


16. Because it’s Wednesday. And that’s got a W in it.


17. Because it’s Thursday. And that’s got ‘day’ in it.


18. Because it’s the weekend.



19. You ran out of coffee.


20. You foolishly turned down wine yesterday.


21. In the end, wine is ultimately on your side




22. So WINE not?

Got a craving for wine? Of course you do. London Wine Week kicks off on Monday 23rd May. You can buy your wristbands here (and celebrate the beloved fermented grape all week).

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