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17 Times London Wasn’t Altogether Bad In 2017

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

17 Times London Wasn’t Altogether Bad In 2017

After 2016, we all needed a win. Here were some of the good news stories you clicked on the most…

1. fabric was saved from closing

Best year

After a four-month shutdown which made national news, fabric was rescued and opened again to the eager public in early January.

2. London united to protest Trump

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To show once and for all that The Donald (or ‘Wotsit Hitler’, as one sign brilliantly dubbed him) won’t divide us.

3. It snowed (twice!)

Best year
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London was spoilt rotten this year, as fluffy flakes tumbled from the heavens in both January and December.

4. Heathrow Airport threw a big jumble sale

Londoners got the chance to redecorate their flats with leftover airport memorabilia, because who doesn’t need a baggage conveyor belt to really tie the living room together?

5. We got to drink on a floating gin bar

Best year

It was the purest of all life goals, and in 2017 it became reality. A floating gin bar arrived in Paddington Basin, and it was a botanical beauty.

6. It got cheaper to go on awesome holidays

We love London, obviously, but it’s nice to escape every now and then. Sweet new deals from Easyjet, Norwegian and Eurostar made it cheaper than ever to visit Europe, North America, and beyond.

7. The pizza burger arrived to wreck our waistlines

Best year

The brainchild of Patty & Bun and Yard Sale Pizza was half pizza, half burger, and all delicious.

8. We had the chance to work for the Queen…

Dear Liz was hiring, and we very much considered applying to be her Digital Communications Officer. In the end, realising how much damage one drunken tweet could do, we opted to bow out.

9. …or we could have been queen of our own castle

Best year

For the perfectly reasonable amount (for London) of £850 a month, you could have snapped up a room in this castle in Gipsy Hill. Sadly, it’s been rented now, the imposing lair of a South London villain, we presume.

10. Tooting officially became cool

Maybe it was when it got a tea pub? Anyway, Tooting somehow found itself included in a list of the ten coolest neighbourhoods in the world, and London was a tad surprised.

11. Hope the Whale arrived at the Natural History Museum

Best year
Photo: @telegraph

The 82 foot long blue whale replaced Dippy the Dinosaur in Hintze Hall, but never in our hearts.

12. We found new ways to get drunk

Not that it was hard before, of course. Still, the arrival of a roving limoncello van, a pootling prosecco van, and Aperol Spritz on tap in Spitalfields made it considerably easier.

13. London got itself some Hot Tugs

Best year

We took them out for a spin, and spoiler alert: they’re frickin’ awesome.

14. We got a massive new park…

Best year
Photo: @jasminericardo

It’s called Walthamstow Wetlands, and you’ll never guess where it is…

15. …and we’re getting a huge new music festival in London, too

All Points East line-up for their Victoria Park festival in May 2018 is stonkingly good.

16. Hamilton finally arrived in London

Best year
Photo: @hamiltonwestend

And judging by the early reviews, it blew us all away.

17. The Night Overground began running

So you can party in East London until the wee hours of the morn.

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