20 Tweets That Could Actually Make London Smile on #BrexitDay


So it’s officially #BrexitDay and whatever your standpoint on today’s events, we’re pretty sure these tweets will crack some sort of smile on your face.

1. 5 midweek meals using Baked Beans anyone? Please?! 


2. Nothing like a good visual representation, right?


3. Maybe take the parachute. Take all the parachutes.


4. *Gasp* What they never wanted us to see.


5. Oh Theresa … 


6. Aww Germany is too kind!


7. Well actually … 


8. Us Brits do love a good bicker … or two.


9. By a bus – really?


10. Yay for all those new delivery costs


11. “Dead within two weeks” … 



12. That’s one way of handling #BrexitDay I suppose


13. Nothing like a cute illustration to put life into perspective.


14. I’m no gardener but …


15. That old line.



16. Guessing that’ll leave quite the bruise …


17. At least the art has been good on #BrexitDay.


18. Fun fact: There are actually several Spotify playlists to help us get through the day!



19. “Shouting a lie loudly and often does not make it true”


20. And of course, the biggest question of the day:


Feature Image: Twitter

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