20 Times We Needed Mary Berry’s Sass In Our London Lives

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

20 Times We Needed Mary Berry’s Sass In Our London Lives

Our queen of the boozy bakes is leaving GBBO and we’re absolutely devastated. We’ll miss her sass every Wednesday night (and we’re not entirely sure who’s going to be able to tame Hollywood as well). But we thought we’d take a leaf out of Ms. Berry’s book


1. When you’re friend suggests going to the cheese-fest that is Strawberry Moons. And you like it.

happy shock

2. When you (for once) give in to your friend’s desperate pleading to go their side of the river.

lets have a go


3. Getting on the tube on a Monday morning like…

[BBC / Love Productions]

4. When Flat Iron serves you up yet another delicious steak. For £10. Every time.

licking wink
[BBC / Love Productions]

5. Whenever you go to a cheap happy hour.

gin more
[Buzzfeed / BBC]

6. When you get a Facebook ‘memories’ back to a happier time when you weren’t paying London rent.



7. When you finally decide to go on a date with the guy who uses the aubergine emoji too much on Tinder. And it’s as awful as you anticipated.

horrible date


8. But you end up going home with him anyway. Because alcohol.



9. And the whole experience leaves you feeling like even more of a broken human being.9.



10. For every time you walk through Camden.

marry goes to camden
[BBC / Buzzfeed]

11. And someone approaches you to *try their wares*.

[BBC / Love Productions]

12. And there comes the point when you’ve inhaled too much of Camden…

tumblr like
[Giphy / BBC]


13. Everyone goes through that *experimental stage* when they have one too many nights out at Egg.

finger in mouth


14. When you chafe your cheeks during your run club around Hyde Park, but one of the gang suggests the perfect remedy.

golden syrup
[BBC / Love Productions]


15. When your boss suggests going for drinks at 4pm.


16. When your housemate is ‘in between jobs’ and at home all day… and makes you lunch.

g&t Madeira
[BBC /Buzzfeed]

17. Walking onto an empty tube carriage like…

[BBC / Love Productions]

18. When you have a different kind of *experimental* night at G-A-Y.



19. And that one night turns into a whole weekend…



20. And you realise London has turned you into a fantastically rounded human being.

marry berry cry

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