20 Things You Understand If You’re Pretending To Be A Grown Up In London

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

20 Things You Understand If You’re Pretending To Be A Grown Up In London

When did this all happen? Two minutes ago you were eating pizza and watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (no shame). Now you’re just drowning in bills you didn’t know could be so high, with Disney Princess duvet covers on your bed in your painfully expensive box room, while others around you get a gold medal in adulthood. You just have to keep pretending you’re a grown up. That’s what we all need to do – pretend we’re doing this life thing ok. You’ve got this!


1. You’ve been waiting all summer for the ‘holidays’ to start.



2. When you look around at everyone else on the tube, you wonder if they’re also just pretending to handle commuter life (or general life) well.

real life

3. Work still seems like a temporary thing – even though you’ve been at your job for 2 years now.

4. You’re still waiting for that student loan to come in.

5. And every month, you forget that rent comes out of your bank account.

6. The thought of *tax return* baffles you.

7. Food prep is a totally new thing to you.

8. If you do pack a lunch, it will consist of last night’s pizza.

9. When you didn’t already eat last night’s pizza for breakfast…


10. You wonder if you’ll ever get the hang of early mornings.

11. Or if you’ll ever convert from Candy Crush to listening to podcasts on your way to work.

12. You still wish you could get mummy to call in sick at work for you.

vomit life

13. You can’t comprehend the thought of living with your boyfriend/girlfriend (the one you still don’t have). Even if it means cheaper rent.


14. You’re gutted you missed the Mr Men Exhibition at the OXO Tower.


15. And you have absolutely no shame in spending the whole day in an online queue at work for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ticket.


16. You still ‘borrow’ the WiFi from the flat above.


17. And you’ve yet to buy an iron… Hairdryers work surprisingly well.


18. Money isn’t something you can ever imagine saving.

fix life

19. You really wish you hadn’t spent all that pocket money on Freddos…

20. But even though this city leaves you feeling small and poor, you can’t help but gaze at London’s skyline in childish awe. Every time.

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