20 Stages We All Go Through When Convincing Someone To Move To London

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20 Stages We All Go Through When Convincing Someone To Move To London

We’ve all had that one friend whose heart is set on moving to our beloved city and we always have to try and convince them to see the light. Unfortunately, trying to convince someone to move here is usually just a game of Expectations vs. Reality.


1. Okaaaaay, it’s not that expensive. 


2. Just be prepared for 60% of your wage to go on rent…


3. …and know that you’ll be expected to go out for weekly trips to the pub, Saturday bottomless brunches and the occasional venture to an overpriced event somewhere on the other side of London.


4. There’s always something to do.


5. Literally every weekend there’s another brand new pop-up in town.


6. But most of them don’t take reservations, so expect to queue up in the cold.


7. But the reality is, you’ll spend most of  your weekends tucked up in bed with a tub of ice cream #sorrynotsorry

bed garfield

8. People are actually friendly here…


9. …you just need to know the right people.


10. Don’t expect to make friends on the rush hour train.


11. But do expect to meet some interesting characters on the night bus. 


12. We have a great food scene and street food is all the rage.


13. Just expect to pay a small fortune for a burger.


14. London is home to loads of West End shows. Spontaneous trip to see Wicked anyone?


15. And our public transport system is one of the best in the world. (However much we moan, this is a fact). 


16. Just be prepared to be squished and pushed around like a bowling pin…


17. You’ll hit them with the ever faithful line: “If you move here, we’ll see each other all the time”!

who are you

18. And “I’ll pretend to be a tourist with you and we can see all the attractions”


19. Even though you hate the London crowds just as much as everyone. 


20. But at the end of the day, everyone who moves here will always end up falling in love with London like the rest of us!


Feature Image: Angelo Domini

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