19 Things Only Fast Walkers In London Will Understand

It’s a given, if you’re a Londoner then speed is in your bones and you’re probably the everyday equivalent to Usain Bolt. Here are some things only us fast walkers could ever understand.


1. We don’t remember when we started walking fast…

2. …but once we started, we couldn’t stop.

ice skating
3. Mind you, it’s not a bad thing because we always get to our destination on time.

4. Or half an hour earlier if our stride was impressively larger that day.

5. Sometimes it feels like we’re Sonic the Hedgehog. 

6. And those slow tourists are merely obstacles on our race track.

7. But please just remember to stand on the right on the escalators…

8. Otherwise you will feel the wrath of our rolling eyes.

9. Always preferring to wear trainers to get the ultimate boost in our step.

10. Never being able to walk and talk in congested situations…

11. Because there are always people to overtake.

12. Being stuck behind a group of complete snails is the absolute worst…

13. Not knowing the prime time to overtake a person.

14. Considering writing a letter to Parliament about introducing speed walking lanes. Yes, they are a thing. No, London hasn’t cottoned onto this. 

15. Knowing you could ace a speed walking competition if you really wanted to…

16. Even though walking at such a speed can be hard (and sweaty) work.

17. And yes, sometimes our feet do hurt from the pounding of pavements.

18. But hey, we’re probably much healthier!

19. And if there’s one place to be a fast walker, London is definitely where we’re all united.


Feature Image: Megan Trace on Flickr

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