21 Reasons Why London’s Heat Might Be The End Of Us This Weekend

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

21 Reasons Why London’s Heat Might Be The End Of Us This Weekend

Sunnier than Ibiza?! In London?! The lead up to this warm weather has (not surprisingly) got us all talking. Damn these stereotypes for being so painfully spot on! Let’s talk about the weather some more though.


1. We’ll never be fully prepared for the Tube Sweats.



2. No matter how many clothes we choose not to wear.

3. Our sweat is one thing. But OTHER people?

[Now – you stand clear of the doors and me]
 4. All this talk about the good weather may be enough to make us all implode.

5. Our bodies will never be prepared for the amount of alcohol the sun forces us to drink.



6. But we may well get crushed in the queue before we can make it to The Ship’s beer garden.

7. We’ll be inflicted with the constant fear that all the good picnic spots in the park will be gone before 11am.

8. Sun burn. Now that’s an issue that needs discussing.

9. Especially for the pasty amongst us.


10. No one warns you what could happen with a Vitamin D overdose.

11. One minute we’re SUPER happy.

12. The next minute we’re in an overheated rage.


13. The heat makes us so delirious, it’s easy to forget your tube stop.

14. Before you know it, you’re stranded somewhere in Zone 4, sweaty and confused.

15. There’s a growing temptation to jump in the Thames.

16. And spend all earnings on ice cream.


17. There’s a general confusion about what to wear.

18. Clothes are (perhaps too quickly) discarded.



19. And those who have endured the pain of removing a bare leg from a wooden pub bench… YOU KNOW.

20. We might die from sheer smugness that it’s as hot as in London as our Mediterranean counterparts.

21. And sometimes it all just gets too much.

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