19 Reasons Why Drinking In London Is Different To Anywhere Else

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19 Reasons Why Drinking In London Is Different To Anywhere Else

As the capital of an exceptionally drink-driven culture (generalising a bit here, but let’s not be in denial), it’s not surprising that boozing in the Big Smoke is summin’ else. But there is more than just a significant increase in the number of watering holes available…drinking in London is in a whole different ball park, and here’s why!


1.  It will cost you your limbs in ways like nowhere else.

2. One drink will cost you an arm and a leg.

3. While a round will cost all four. And some.

4. If you attempt to keep up with the Thursday-Sunday drinkers, you will become absolutely legless.

5. While staying for one more with a Tinder date will undoubtedly result in a bit of ‘armless fun…

6. Going for your 7th G&T on a Wednesday will not raise any eyebrows.

7. But only staying for one, will.

8. There is a time pressure that stems from the lack of night tube on a weekday and number of miles between your workplace aka. drinking place and home.

9. Meaning you have to fit a lot more into a shorter space of time.

10. Because a taxi home anywhere else would cost the same as a bag of crisps in London.

11. Then again, there are a lot more places open a lot later. Every night of the week.

12. Meaning that there is always, ALWAYS the possibility of a 4am-er.

13. On a Monday.

14. Giving even the initial glass a wine the sweet taste of possibility and potential.

15. Travelling for an hour in order to get to a bar that you’ve heard is “pretty good” is totally acceptable.

16. Even if you then have to queue for another hour to get in.

17. Because these things matter. 

18. It’s more adventurous, thanks to pop-ups such as ABQ (a breaking bad-style RV where you ‘cook’ your own drinks…including one that changes flavour after the first sip!)

19. And yet you’ll never feel safer because it’s likely that everyone else is pissed too. Because, London. 


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