19 Phenomenal Photos Of London That Took Our Breath Away In 2016

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19 Phenomenal Photos Of London That Took Our Breath Away In 2016

London is officially the second most Instagrammed city in the world (New York, to answer your question). We’re hardly surprised, mind… we’ve got Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Christmas lights to rival any others. Here are some of the best snaps of the city this year:

1. January 2016 started with the beautiful Lumiere Festival


2. This stunning shot captured hot air balloons scattered over London in June…

A photo posted by Laku Londoner (@lakudavies) on


3. The London Eye looked spectacular lit up for London Pride…


4. And the pumpkins at Covent Garden proved to be very photogenic…


5. Not to be confused with Yayoi Kusama’s, however. They certainly did the rounds on Instagram this year.

A photo posted by clara (@clarathepineapple) on



6. James Burns‘s epics shots proved to us all that he’s some sort of moon whisperer.


7. And Jon Raffoul knows that we’re suckers for a breathtaking London sunset.


8. To add real flame to the fire – London was literally ignited to mark 350 years since the Great Fire.


9.  This lovely tribute to our Star Man was snapped up.

A photo posted by Mick (@mickwheelz) on


10. We love this photo of the Tower of London photobombing Tower Bridge.


11. And this very moody shot of Big Ben.

A photo posted by Archie Baker (@bakerphotos1) on


12. London showed off its green bits in this photo over Hyde Park.

13. The Hive came to Kew Gardens and it was an Insta sensation.


14. Syon Park, once again, captivated photographers with its Enchanted Woodland.


15. And, as Christmas drew closer, we had angels watching over Regent Street…

A photo posted by London ? UK ?? (@tmnikonian) on


16. Oxford Street became slightly more bearable…


17. The Shard went all ‘disco’ on us…

A photo posted by Philipp Pley (@philipp_pley) on


18. We’re still wondering where on earth this photo was taken.

A photo posted by Milo Hale (@milohale) on

19. And this picture proved that, yes, London is grey. But it does grey extremely well.

And remember – if you have any great pictures of London that you’d like to share with us, tag us at @secret.london on Instagram. We’d love to see them!

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