19 Hideous Things That Are Going To Happen At Your Office Christmas Party

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19 Hideous Things That Are Going To Happen At Your Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is always a weird one. Awkward encounters, mistletoe mishaps and accidentally telling Barbara from accounts that you think her jumpers are horrendous. Yep, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll eventually do something embarrassing so just keep calm and hope that the photos don’t make it to Facebook… Tequila anyone?!


1. You will get very, very, drunk. 

2. It’s inevitable… and kind of the whole reason we’re all here.

3. You will be filled with dutch courage and try to joke around with your boss.

4. But will inevitably go too far and then make it weird…

5. … something like ‘hahaa, *hiccup* I’ll buy the next round if you give me a raise… hahaha.. that was a joke… sir.’ 

giphy (9)
6. There will definitely be some wildly inappropriate secret Santa gifts.

7. ‘Did you actually think that fluffy, Christmas themed nipple tassels were an appropriate present for Tim from the front desk?!’

8. And also gifts that should have really been given more thought…

9. ‘No, no… I only got you anti-dandruff shampoo because the lady in the shop said it was trendy right now!!’ 

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10. You might meet someone under the mistletoe.

11. And be drunk enough to actually kiss them.

12. Thus making Monday morning officially horrendously awkward.

13. You will be hungover the next day.

14. You may even be hungover at work the next day.

giphy (2)
15. You will spend the entire next work day desperately trying to avoid the colleague that you had that awkward encounter with.

16. But of course you run into them in the kitchen at least four times more than usual.

17. You’ll wince remembering when you became the ‘generous drunk’ and started buying shots for everyone in your team.

18. It’s London, so you’ll probably spend lots and lots of money.

19. Annnnnd looks like the photos made it to Facebook after all! 


Feature Image: [flickr: Tom Godber]

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