19 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up London’s Reaction To Waterloo Being F*cked Up

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We’ve endured the trials and tribulations of the dreaded Waterloo upgrade for three whole days now. So how bad really is it?

There are still 13 days left of commuter chaos – 19 if you include weekends – so we’re turning to Twitter for a bit of comic relief to lighten our spirits in these dark, dark times.

1. Commuting, Jack Sparrow-style:

2. The final countdown:

3. Cheaper than a trip to the cinema:

4. Blame the cats:

5. Walking sticks at dawn:

6. Fake news:

7. Maybe it’s all just a very elaborate flashmob?


9. It all comes down to tutting:

10. Why don’t we just go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over?

11. Delays are better en Français:

12. Gin is the answer!

13. Setting an example:

14. A possible solution:

15. We’re not above bribes:

16. Just a small one:

17. The spirit of the nation:

18. Take inspiration from Michael Scott:

19. Priorities:

Feature Image: Everyman Films

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