19 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up London’s Reaction To Waterloo Being F*cked Up


We’ve endured the trials and tribulations of the dreaded Waterloo upgrade for three whole days now. So how bad really is it?

There are still 13 days left of commuter chaos – 19 if you include weekends – so we’re turning to Twitter for a bit of comic relief to lighten our spirits in these dark, dark times.

1. Commuting, Jack Sparrow-style:

2. The final countdown:

3. Cheaper than a trip to the cinema:

4. Blame the cats:

5. Walking sticks at dawn:

6. Fake news:

7. Maybe it’s all just a very elaborate flashmob?


9. It all comes down to tutting:

10. Why don’t we just go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over?

11. Delays are better en Français:

12. Gin is the answer!

13. Setting an example:

14. A possible solution:

15. We’re not above bribes:

16. Just a small one:

17. The spirit of the nation:

18. Take inspiration from Michael Scott:

19. Priorities:

Feature Image: Everyman Films

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