19 Things Literally Every Londoner’s Mum Has Said To Them

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19 Things Literally Every Londoner’s Mum Has Said To Them

Oh you gotta love ’em. Nag, nag, nag, whinge, whinge, whinge. Actually, we aren’t sure who we are talking about here – them, or us! Either way, there are some things that we bet all of your mommas will have said to you at some point during your time in London. Ours certainly have! It’s in their (mom) ‘jeans’, you see…hahaha.


1. “If you wanted to live in a room the size of a kitchen cupboard, we could have cleared one out for you!”

2. “Don’t walk around with your phone out. You’re asking to get mugged.”

3. “I hope you’re being careful on the roads.” You:

4. “I don’t really understand why you want to live in London these days.”

5. “It’s so dirty, busy, expensive…”

6. “You know, back in the day, I rented a flat on King’s Road for £250 a month and drove everywhere.”

7. “What’s Tinder?”

*When you’ve told her*

8. “Oh, sounds dangerous to me. Promise you wont do that? You will meet someone nice soon enough.”

*A week later*

9. “Why are you still single?”

10. “So, this ‘Druggy Dan’ that you live with…is he a Pharmacist…orrrrr…?”

11. “Why have you got no money?”

12. “Don’t even try to tell me that it’s because of Boris Johnson.”

13. “I don’t think you find Boris at the bottom of a pint glass now, do you?”

14. “You’ll look back on these years and appreciate how much you learned about budgeting.”

15. “It’s character building.” 

16. “If you’re going to ride a bike around London, I expect to see you in full body protective gear made out of carbon fibre – including a mouth guard – with at least 15 750 watt lights attached to you.”

17. “Why don’t you just move back home. It’s a much better quality of life up here.”

18. “You do know that we still receive your post, don’t you? Dentist reminders, bank statements…”

19. “Who’s ‘Infernos’ and why do you send him so much money each weekend?”


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