18 Thoughts All Londoners Have In The Lead Up To Christmas

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

18 Thoughts All Londoners Have In The Lead Up To Christmas

Christmas is well and truly on it’s way and we are all very, very excited! We’ve got inside the mind of a Londoner and discovered these 18 thoughts that everyone seems to have in the lead up to Christmas in the capital…


1. I am not going anywhere near Oxford Street for the foreseeable future.

2. Ugh, the tube is soon going to be filled with lairy, drunk Christmas parties.

3. Should I go to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland this year?

4. Definitely not on a Saturday though….

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5. Now is the time to try all those Freakshakes and rainbow foods that I couldn’t justify before.

6. Come on, everyone knows ‘Chub up for Chrimbo’ is a thing.

7. Oooh look, a lovely twinkly Christmas market!

8. Oooh look, another lovely twinkly Christmas market!

9. I’m the type of cold that only mulled wine can warm up. 

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10. Shit I need to buy Christmas presents!

11. Would mum appreciate an Oyster card with £5 loaded on?

12. I really want to go to that Italian restaurant in Covent Garden but I also don’t want to be trampled by 100 tourists.

13. Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree is kinda lame this year.

14. But in a ‘wonderful and sparkly but kinda lame’ type of way.

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15. London sure is lovely this time of year…

16. … Apart from the inflated Christmas prices and hoards more tourists.

17. Maybe I’ll find someone to kiss under the mistletoe! 

18. Hahahahahahhaa *cries* 


Feature Image: [Instagram @interstate60.2.0]

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