18 Thoughts Every Londoner Has On Their Morning Commute

We’re all familiar with our minds wandering on the morning commute. Mostly to coffee. Or hating people.


1. It is far too early for this.

2. I’m going to need a coffee.

3. What am I going to have for lunch today?

4. I am really dreading opening my emails.


5. Oh sh*t, I must remember to reply to Barbara. 

6. Do I have time to pop into Pret?

7. Why are all these people so annoying? 

8. I can’t wait to get into bed tonight.

9. I hope Sandra from Sales isn’t in one of her moods again. 

10. What am I going to have for dinner tonight?

11. Oh for God’s sake, get out of my way.

12. What the f*ck am I doing with my life?

13. What am I going to have as a mid morning snack today?

14. I wonder what music he’s listening to.

15. Why would you bring a huge suitcase onto the tube at rush hour? 

16. When is pay day?

17. What day even is it?

18. Oh, yikes! I just made eye contact.


Feature Image: Flickr/Yukiko Matsuoka

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