18 Signs That You’re Not Quite Ready To Be A Grown Up In London

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18 Signs That You’re Not Quite Ready To Be A Grown Up In London

Moving out to the big city all on your lonesome is a huge move and, even though you may feel strong and independent, you’re bound to encounter a few hiccups, or ‘I need to call mum’ moments. That’s okay. You’re not alone. And you’ll come to grips with taxes and budgeting and wine soon enough.


1. You don’t understand taxes. Not even a little bit. 

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2. On the tube in the mornings, you still feel like a toddler compared to all the well-seasoned commuters around you, even though you’ve been doing the same journey for months.

3. You love a good lie in, and waking any time before 11am at the weekend is absolutely criminal. 

4. Weekend schmeekend. You’ll celebrate on any day of the week. Tequila Tuesday? We’re down.

5. You have minus figures in your bank account and although you’re pretty stressed about it, you’ll still go out for dinner every other night of the week. 

6. You still know absolutely nothing about wine so you stick to the failsafe method of picking the second cheapest one.

7. Netflix is your only trusty, long-term companion.

8. And even that is £6.99 a month that you probably (definitely) can’t afford.

9. You spend more money on drinks and fun than you do on your groceries.

10. Everyone on Facebook is getting engaged and having babies, and you’re just like…

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11. You still hate calling the bank. Or the dentist. Or the hairdresser. 

12. You are incapable of making important life decisions without calling your mum.

13. You’re either hanging on to your Young Person’s Railcard for dear life…

14. Or you’re hopelessly pining over it.

15. ‘Money’ is still on every single Christmas or birthday list you ever write.

16. You get excited every time you can drink ‘with the adults’ even though you are an adult and have been drinking legally for years.

17. You’re still waiting for the summer holidays that will never come. 

18. Every morning you set at least 5 alarms, and even then there’s only a 20% chance that you’ll make it to work on time. alarm-iphone-morning-adult-funny


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