18 Reasons You’re Reading This On Christmas Day

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher


It’s Christmas! So firstly, Merry Crimbo to you all! Secondly, why are you here?

What possible reason do you have to be on your phone scrolling through Secret London’s Facebook page on Christmas day? (Apart from the fact that it’s completely awesome, obviously). We’re about to totally shatter the fourth wall and give you our ideas on why you might be reading this on Christmas day…

1. You’re in a turkey and potatoes induced food-coma and the gentle flicking of your thumb on your phone screen is about as much movement as you can currently muster.

2. You’re trying to escape a rather tense game of Monopoly that you can already see is about to turn violent.

3. You’re sat on the toilet about to give birth to a solid log of stuffing and about 100 Celebrations.

4. Your family have just suggested going for a brisk Christmas day walk and so you have to pretend you’ve just got an important work email to reply to.

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5. You left London for the holidays but now you miss her and wanted to check up on how she’s doing.

6. Because you’ve opened all your presents and you’re trying to fill the gap between TV Christmas specials.

7. Because you were already on the internet looking up how to return your gifts. 

8. Because you think Christmas is overrated.


9. Or simply because you don’t celebrate it.

10. Because you were Instagramming a fab pic of your Christmas dinner and got distracted.

11. You’re basically just doing anything you can to avoid drunk Uncle Pete. 

12. You’re basically just doing anything you can to avoid your annoying 5 year old cousin.

13. You’re basically just doing anything you can to avoid helping with the washing up.


14. You’re a scrooge… we bet you’re not even wearing a paper hat!

15. Because we’re all slaves to the millennial pull of social media.

16. Because Christmas is for sharing… Facebook posts.

17. Because you’ve just finished live tweeting the Queen’s speech.

18. You’re such loyal fans of Secret London you needed to keep up to date. Thank you kind sirs! 

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Feature Image: Flickr/Jax House. GIPs via GIPHY.

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