18 Painful Things People Who Don’t Rent In London Will Never Understand

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

18 Painful Things People Who Don’t Rent In London Will Never Understand

To those of you lucky f*ckers who pay under £600 a month to rent something bigger than a shoebox – listen, learn and weep for us.


1. They will never understand the feeling of money just falling out of your bank account.

fall gif


2. In one huge painful bulk.



3. And after bills, council tax and more bills – more than you bargained for always gets away…

run away


4. You get used to just saying goodbye to all that money you earned.

bye 1


5. And trying to be cool with it. 

bye 2


6. It’s as if the moment your money only gets settled into your warm, snug bank account…

bye bye


7. It’s gone.

bye foreve


8. And what do you get for it? The feeling of paying over £1000 a month to raise a mould farm.


9. And the ability to reach your kitchen sink from your bed.

10. As well as answering your front door from the toilet.

11. You get to know what the under-11-year-old Harry Potter felt like.

harry potter


12. And you probably have a pet mouse you haven’t come into physical contact with yet.

13. You’ll never feel ‘cosier’ with almost-strangers than you do in a Spareroom flatshare.

14. Your dexterity in a tiny kitchen will significantly improve.

tiny kitchen
[Youtube – Miniature Space]

15. If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen with an oven, that is.

16. All definitions of ‘cramped’ go out of the window.

17. Buying your own furniture is a long-distant dream. (You’d never be able to fit it in anyway)



18. But, hey, you get to live in London. So it’s all kind of worth it.

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Feature: Jason Hawkes – Aerial Photography

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