9 Ways Living In London Makes You A Better Person

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Living in London can be tough. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and if you’re not careful it can drag you down…emotionally, physically, morally, financially…pretty much in every way possible. But if you manage to fight back against all the dung balls and crap pies that the capital can throw at you, we believe living in this, err, unique city can actually make you a better person. And here’s how…


1. You learn to appreciate money.

Well, more specially, you learn how to appreciate having no money. But that’s basically the same thing. With most Londoners spending on average more than a third of their income on rent – in addition to all the other essential purchases such as alcohol, Pret, Kefir smoothies and Ubers, obvs – money is often more than ‘a bit tight’. It’s downright cutting the blood circulation off. So naturally, whenever you have a bit to spare, you learn to appreciate it. Or rather, appreciate the extra beers it buys…ahem.


2. Patience becomes a necessity, not a virtue.

Ever been stuck behind a group of tourists that have just STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE F*CKING PAVEMENT causing you and your ‘i’m on important business power walk’ to screech to a sudden halt? That rising feeling of anger; that urge to scream at them whilst kicking them up their backsides repeatedly until they either move our of the way or walk at an acceptable pace is almost uncontrollable…and if it wasn’t for patience, you’d be admitted to hospital with sky-high blood pressure and anger issues within a week. Or at least, that’s what our anger therapist tells us….*and breath*


3. It teaches you to deal with big egos.

There’s no ego quite like the ones you encounter at Bank, Canary Wharf or Liverpool street on a Thursday evening at around 8pm. Seriously. They put Jeremy Clarkson and Kayne West to shame. Seriously. So, once again, if you don’t want to spend your weekend in jail for punching someone in the sensitive spots, you’re going to just have to deal with them. And trust us when we say, it’ll benefit you in the long run. (And prevent potential law suits…)


4. You become more accepting of others.

Not only does this follow nicely from the previous point, but due to London’s multi-cultural vibe, meeting people from different cultures is inevitable. This will not only give you more of a ‘global’ perspective, but will you help you learn and grow as you discover things about yourself, as well as other people, that you wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise. Plus, if you don’t accept tourists for who they are (aka. not intentionally annoying snails that spontaneously come to a halt right in from of you), you’ll drive yourself mad and never be able to visit anywhere inside zone 3. And that would suck.


5. You learn to live with less.

Less is more, right? Well, that’s what we tell ourselves every day…who needs a separate kitchen and bedroom anyway? What are we, kings? Less space, less disposable income, less time above ground…the list goes on. But what we lack in perceivably basic human rights, we make up for in opportunities, knowledge, culture…and the fact that we are living in London. Only the best city evs!


6. It can help you grow thicker skin (i.e. put up with less shit).

Neighbours below complaining about you ‘walking too loud’? Boss giving you the silent treatment because you forgot to ‘cc’ them into your last e mail? Landlord screaming at you for paying your rent half an hour late? Tube driver telling you off for leaning against the doors? There’s always something, meaning that if you’re a little on the sensitive side…you’ll soon toughen up. Give it two days, max.


7. Time management becomes second nature.

From tube delays to strikes, traffic to flat tyres, long coffee queue to pub the night before…there are far more variables in London that can put your exquisite timing at risk. Therefore, you just become better at time keeping. Had 7 beers and have to be up at 6? No problem – make up on the tube, coffee from the not-so nice place and a power walk that rivals exhausted marathon runners. Simple.


8. You realise how lucky you actually are.

There’s no feeling of gratitude quite like the one that arises when it dawns on you that you live in one of the best cities in the world. Such moments usually occur when walking across the river at night; when Pret gives you a free coffee; or when you’re sitting in one of London’s many beautiful parks on a hot summer’s day. London makes you appreciate the good over the bad, and thus ultimately makes you realise that no matter how many times your tube has been delayed, you are still incredibly lucky.


9. You smile more.

DESPITE what some may say, living in London will undoubtedly make you smile more. It’s a fact of life that where there are an abundance of food markets, parks, river banks and culture, there are an abundance of smiles. Ok, so that’s perhaps not entirely true…but we can’t NOT grin ear to ear at the prospect of trawling around Borough Market on a Saturday, followed by drinks on the Southbank and a night of tapas in Soho. It’s happening, right? We can see your lips curl up and the sides…SAY CHEESE and let those endorphins flow through you like Bloody Mary’s at a bottomless brunch on a Sunday. Mwuahaha!


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