17 Times You’d Think Downton Abbey Was Actually Set In London

In light of talks about a possible Downton Abbey movie, we decided to compare the Yorkshire country estate with the Big City. As it turns out, Violet Crawley would fit right in…


1. When a west Londoner tells you about the “simply marvellous” lobster cannelloni they ate last night…
2. When a guy at the bar starts listing the reasons he voted Brexit…
[Huffington Post]
4. When you remember what you did the night before…
[Tumblr / orangeshipper]
5. When you’re saying goodbye to that God-awful Tinder date who kept talking about his ex…
[Duke Long]
6. When you’re at Old Street and you need to get to Embankment. They’re both on the Northern line, but…
[Refinery 29]
7. When your friend says she couldn’t possibly handle more than two shots of tequila…
8. When a new “Cooking with Semen” class comes to London. (Seriously, it’s really happening).
9. Shoutout to all the bartenders out there…
[Serial Minds]
10. When you’ve got a stress-induced spot on your face (London will do that to you) and it’s a two person job…
11. When someone on Tinder coyly says “I’m surprised you’ve agreed to go on a date with me…”
[Duke Long]
12. When your flatmate comes home and tells you all about what she got up to the night before…
13. And she asks “Is it normal to do that when you er… you know?”
[Tumblr / SpankyRae]
14. When someone on the tube knocks you with their colossal rucksack…
[Tumblr / Soirée Ciné]
15. So you “accidentally” give them a bit of a nudge as you get off…
16. When someone calls you a Hipster because you live in London now…
17. And, seriously, if you tell me to mind the gap one more time

[Feature image: PBS]


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