17 Things That Will Make A Londoner Say “Oh, F*ck Off”

We’re perhaps not the most patient people ever (*blood pressure shoots through the roof if we have to wait longer than 3 minutes for a train*)…but we are innovative and open minded. Most of the time. Yet there are a number of things popping up around London that would make anyone roll their eyes and go “Oh, f*ck off”. And these ‘number of things’ are only going to get worse with time. Here are some of the finer examples.


1. When an iPod playing “shoreline soundscape” is served with your meal.

[On The Lower Level]
2. Not just the absence, but the complete mockery and annihilation of plates in restaurants.

[The Guardian]
3. The less said about this subject the better.

[The Guardian]
4. Anyone that doesn’t appreciate the irony of this.

[Daily Mail]
5. This guy’s diet.

6. This mode of transport.

7. Mark.

8. Cash machines that try to be funny.

9. People like this.

10. This method of making coffee.

11. Followed by which tosser wrote this.

12. This picture of Sting playing the lute and his wife doing yoga.

13.  Security tags on plastic bags.

14. This guy.

15. This dating site made for dicks, by dicks.

16. The thought of this ever happening.

17. The clown that said this.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 17.48.09

Featured Image Credit: Jacob Riglin, Instagram: @jacbob

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