17 Things That Would Be Different If Hunger Games Was Set In London

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17 Things That Would Be Different If Hunger Games Was Set In London

With the release of the final instalment of the Hunger Games trilogy (well, tetralogy in this case, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…) upon us, we felt it only appropriate to imagine what life would be like if it London was the Capitol (we know it is the ‘capital’ wisecrack, but there’s a biiiig difference between the Capitol and the capital. ‘Tol’…’tal’. Get it?) and Liam Hemsworth was our childhood sweetheart fighting for our…oh sorry, where were we? That’s right. If the Hunger Games has been set in London…


1. Effie’s outfit choices would be pretty standard in East London.

Yup, compleetteelly normal. [Giphy]
2. President Snow would have a penchant for pigs…

3. While Plutarch Heavensbee (Head Gamemaker) would be so competitive about winning that he wouldn’t have any qualms about rugby tackling a child…(slap on the wrists for us hehe)

4. Katniss would be president of the Feminist Society at uni.

5. While Gale would be that hot barista at your local coffee shop/an aspiring musician.

6. The phrase ‘May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour‘ would be the highest trending hashtag/most common tattoo-in-italic-writing. 

6. Haymitch Abernathy would staying at the Priory.

7. The whole love triangle thing wouldn’t be an issue as everyone would just decide on having an open relationship.

8. The tributes would all have blogs that they would update throughout the Games. #it’saclock

9. Tracker jacker venom would be the most popular recreational drug. 

[Sarah Hartman]
10. Prim would probably be thinking twice about becoming a nurse/doctor due to university fees and cuts.

11. The Everdeen’s would have a reality TV show about them entitled ‘Keeping Up With Katniss’.

12. The fire on Katniss and Peeta’s costumes wouldn’t be allowed due to health and safety regulations.

13. Cinna would have a special collection for H&M.

14. This.

15. Would replace this.

16. This would totes be a thing.

17. And Katniss and Peeta’s celebrity name would be ‘Peenis’. While Katniss and Gale’s would be….’Kale’?!

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