17 Things That You Really Just Can’t Say To A Londoner


We’re not generally an overly-sensitive bunch, but there are some things you really just can’t say to us. Unless you want the stink-eye. Or to be pushed into the Thames…


1. “Shall we pop over to Leicester Square for a bite to eat?”

2. “Your rent is HOW much?”

3. “No it’s fine. I’ll just take my rucksack and suitcase on the tube with me at rush hour to get to the station.”

4. “Why are you still single?”

5. “I was sure you’d have found someone already considering the sheer volume of people living in London?”

6. “Can you just shut the window behind you? My hairs getting messed up and it’s not that hot on the Central Line.”

7. “People say that living in London is tiring. But don’t you just spend half your time sat on public transport?”

8. “Wow! There’s a cable car. Let’s go for a trip.”

9. “What do you mean sometimes you don’t have enough money to live on? I thought your internship paid well?”

10. “Nah, it’s ok. We can just eat it on the tube.”

11. “You’ve got pretty trendy since living in London, haven’t you? Becoming a hipster, are we?”

12. “You know what I think London is missing. More luxury flats.”

13. “I thought London was supposed to be hot in the summer?”

14. “I had a good journey actually. It was busy but even my bag managed to get a seat.”

15. “How come you never seem to go to any cool things? Isn’t there always something fun happening?”

16. “Ugh, imagine how much pollution you must inhale living here for a prolonged period of time.”

17. “Well if it’s so expensive and dirty, why don’t you live somewhere else?”



Featured Image Credit: LondonisCool

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