17 Things That Londoners Do In The Winter That Aren’t Really Okay

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17 Things That Londoners Do In The Winter That Aren’t Really Okay

We all do these things fairly mindlessly but, if we really think about it, they’re probably not okay. It gets a bit chilly and our hygiene goes out the window, our ideas of right and wrong become a bit blurred and we generally go a bit crazy. Are you guilty of any of these?


1. You’ll call in sick when you’re not really sick at all because your bed is warm and the thought of leaving it is utterly unbearable

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2. You’ll walk really closely behind strangers — to the point where it’s totally creepy — just to use them as a windbreak

3. You’ll buy a coffee from Pret just to hold it

4. You’ll pop into literally any shop and convince yourself that you really need something, just because it’s warm in there

5. You’ll eat your food in bed because it’s the warmest place in your flat

6. And then you’ll leave the dirty plate beside your bed until you feel brave enough to go and wash it up

7. However, part of you will actually want to do the washing up because at least your hands will be under hot running water

8. You’ll freak out when there’s even a centimetre of snow

9. And you’ll probably tweet some kind of anecdote about the (frankly pathetic) weather

10. Which is likely to be transport related…

11. Or more specifically delay related

12. You won’t leave the house (or your bed if you can help it) for the entire weekend

13. You’ll make excuses to skip the shower because there’s nothing worse than stepping out of the bathroom on a chilly morning

14. “It’s okay because I showered last night and my bed sheets are fairly clean. Anyway, I have dry shampoo”

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15. “I’m not planning to see anyone today anyway, so it’s ok”

16. You’ll moan incessantly about the cold when there are people in other parts of the world who cope just fine in -25°C

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17. And finally, you’ll actually look forward to getting on the tube

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