Secret London’s Simple Steps To A Cheap(er) And Cheerful Weekend

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Secret London’s Simple Steps To A Cheap(er) And Cheerful Weekend

Whatever you have planned (or not planned) this weekend, we’ve got your back every step of the way. So whether you’re after cheap eats or free rides, we’re donating this nifty weekend plan (you say ‘control freak’, I say organised’) to make your free time run a little smoother. You’re welcome.


Saturday 11.30am: It’s still early days and you’re enjoying your long-awaited lie in. The only way you’re going to get out of the house before noon is with the temptation of eggs, right? The Egg Hopper at Hoppers offers Londoners a Sri Lankan take on a delicious yolky breakfast – for only £3.50.  Find our favourite eggs in London for further temptations.



Saturday 1.30pm: For the bargain hunters, it’s now time to wander London’s markets (we’d recommend the buzzy Portobello) and seek out some cheap purchases, because retail therapy is always better when it’s not damaging your bank account.



Alternatively, if you realise you have no plans at all, download Fever and see what’s happening near you today. (Hint: have a scroll around for the party at Underworld Camdentickets are only £5!)

Saturday 8.30pm: It’s time for WWF’s Earth Hour, when some of London’s most famous and frequently visited landmarks will turn their lights off for a whole hour. It will be eery and breathtaking, particularly seeing Piccadilly Circus completely free of adverts! Perhaps pack a torch?

[WWF Earth Hour]

Saturday 10.00pm: Need somewhere to drink? Good job we know the ‘secret’ entrances to London’s best hidden bars (shhhhh, you didn’t hear it from me). If you fancy a good few drinks, but don’t want to pay over £10 for every cocktail, head to a BYOC. Here you pay a flat entrance fee, bring a closed bottle of your favourite strong stuff and let the mixologists whip you up some tasty treats.

[Behind this seemingly healthy juice bar, lies a REAL bar… BYOC]

Sunday 2.00am: Things may have got out of hand after all those drinks, so to save you from the ordeal of catching a night bus with a dizzy head, here’s £15 off your first Uber ride.  Just download the app and enter the promo code SECRETLONDON when taking your first ride. (This will pretty much give you a totally free ride across London!)



Sunday 9.00am: If you’re more sensible than we’re  going to be, then you may be feeling up for a run in the morning. Here are some great London running routes to inspire you – no gym membership required.

[Phil Priston]

Sunday 11.00am: Or you can watch others run Where’s Wally Fun Run on Clapham Common. It’s the thought that counts.



Sunday 2.00pm: Whether you’re hungover or you’ve done some form of exercise (well done), you definitely deserve a cracking Sunday roast. If you gather some mates, head east to the People’s Park Tavern, a brilliant Hackney pub near Victoria Park for a sharing roast board (it’s £45 between 4 people!). Here are some more ideas where you can get your gravy fix.


Sunday 4.00pm: When you’re in a mild food coma and need something to make you LOL, this spoof TFL Twitter account is hilariousAnything for cheap laughs…



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