21 Serious Struggles Of Being A LOUD Person Living In London

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21 Serious Struggles Of Being A LOUD Person Living In London

We’ve all got that one friend who has absolutely NO VOLUME CONTROL. That friend who is just generally a fairly flamboyant figure – or ‘outgoing’ as we like to tell them… – and who flounces around London, leaving a path of partially deaf and completely exhausted friends, colleagues and strangers behind them. It’s not entirely their fault, though…anyone would think that living in such a vibrant, bustling city would leave enough room for vibrant, bustling people to go fairly unnoticed (or at least not so noticed). But oh no. How wrong were we all. There are some serious struggles of being a loud person living in London…


1. You live in a flat share of 7 (because, London) meaning you’re constantly told to ‘keep it down’.

2. And although you love that you always have an audience/someone to talk to/at, it also means having to compete for the spotlight more often that you’d like.

3. Having sex is beyond the bounds of possibility…out of respect not only for your flatmates, but your entire borough.

4. The urge to speak to everyone that sits next to you on the tube is almost unbearable. 

5. You’re not nosey. Just friendly. Which is so very often rudely misconstrued.

6. Well, maybe a bit nosey. 

7. But being quiet for an entire half an hour tube journey sounds like hell on earth.

You. Everywhere. [Giphy]
8. You can never share a secret in public/on public transport because everyone around you will hear it.

9. And discovering this has got you into a lot of trouble before…(remember asking how Laura’s rash was doing on the bus and 5 minutes later someone passed her some cream?…yes, Laura does too).

10. But you’ve resided yourself to that fact that people are just too sensitive.

11. And that they need to get over it. Secrets, schmecrets.

12. You feel personally attacked whenever there’s a situation that forbids noise.

13. But you do need to remember that it is not your job to fill every awkward silence that occurs.

14. Especially on the bus/in the lift at work/at the doctors. 

15. People judge you before they even get to know because of your volume. And ‘out there’ demeanour.

16. But if you’re suddenly quiet, everyone asks if you’re ok.

17. Quiet coaches on trains are in your opinion everything that is wrong with this country.

18. Your laugh is the type of laugh that is funnier than the joke.

19. You hate feeling like you’re merely part of a big crowd (of over 8 million people to be precise) in this city.

20. But you’re well aware that you are one of a handful of that 8 million that actually enjoys talking to street fundraisers.

21. Making you unique.


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