17 Slightly Ridiculous Things That Would Only Ever Happen In London

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

17 Slightly Ridiculous Things That Would Only Ever Happen In London

Beneath that gorgeous, aspirational skyline… London, you cray.


1. Ever noticed that most Londoners treat their dogs like children? It’s probably because they’re slightly cheaper to keep…

So this was on the bus this Monday morning ?? #puginabuggy #onlyinlondon

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2. Although it can’t be a whole lot cheaper if their wardrobes are constantly expanding…


3. Dogs even get amenities that human Londoners don’t have the pleasure of enjoying… (no 30p charge here, we see.)

The locals in London’s Holland Park have very high standards don’t you know. Lol x #hollandpark #onlyinlondon

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4. Oh, and it’s not just dogs, apparently. We’re all for our quirky pets.


5. And pub taps, apparently.


6. As well as pubs with ‘marketing strategies’ with the intention to define themselves as ‘relatable’.


7. Even London West London dry cleaners have sophisticated marketing strategies.


8. People of London sure know how to ‘stick it’ to the man…



9. We’re all walking (or riding) contradictions, much like these tweed-clad bikers.

Gentlemen Bikers #onlyinlondon #1000 #gentlemenbikers #bikes #gentlemen #vintage #london #bigben

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10. This Londoner took the phrase ‘become a part of the city’ too literally.


11. You’ll often spot London’s mega-rich doing something eccentric.


12. Or just plain unnecessary.


13. And even the expensively educated make poor life decisions.


14. But once in a while, you’ll witness a moment that’s truly lovely.


15. But nothing will phase you. Not even this.


16. Or this.



17. Only in London would you get hipster Nutella jars.

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18. And spend your day queuing for a £4 baked goods…

Because let’s face it, we’re all a bit crazy. But crazy tastes so goddamn good.

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