17 Things That Are Almost As Disappointing As London’s Wet Summer

After having one of the wettest June’s London’s had for yonks (like seriously, I can count on one hand how many sunny days we have), it’s safe to say that Summer in the city has had a preeeetty disappointing start. Even more disappointing than these situations…


1. The forecast changes from being sunny, to rainy. ALL WEEKEND.



2. Which is about as disappointing as cutting open this watermelon…


3. Or when the Americans discovered that their President didn’t have superpowers… 


4. A soggy summer weekend in London is about as disappointing as this Hawaiian pizza.

[Unless you hate pineapples… Imgur]

5. But you aren’t gunna let the weather ruin your weekend, so you go out anyway.


6. Your decision is swiftly followed by regret.

rain david

7. Of course you didn’t bring an umbrella… BECAUSE IT’S JULY.



8. You had high hopes…



9. Someone at work told you it was meant to be sunny this weekend…

more lies


10. But you were as disappointed as getting up close to this sign.


11. Or this other pizza.



12. And this hotdog. You know it’s serious when food disappointment is involved.



13. When you remember you’re not going abroad this summer.


14. But you don’t need to the excuse of a sunny day to eat ice cream, right?!

ice cream


15. When you made plans to go to a rooftop brunch this weekend.



16. Even though you knew it would rain, you’re always still surprised when it comes. 

rain mean girl

17. And when it does come, it’s as disappointing as this stone-heavy avo.

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