18 Photos That Show How Different London And The North Actually Are

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Never mind the North/South divide in London…this is summin’ else! It’s a whole other world up there. Sometimes for the best, and sometimes erhm…not.


1. Moustaches up North: necessary for warmth/comedy effect.
chuckle brothers
2. Moustaches in London: impossibly wanky.
[Wiffle Gif]
3. Graffiti in London: artistic, intricate and impressive.


4. Graffiti up North: simple yet effect and a bit shit.
5. Reasons to queue up North: because there’s a damn fine bakery.


6. Reasons to queue in London: to get home/to work/because Tf(ucking)L.


7. Reason to lose your shit in London: Oxford Fucking Circus.
[Flickr – Megan Trace]
8. Reason to lose your shit up North: this catastrophe.


9. Cake up North: fun, tasty, reminiscent of things people actually like.
[Imgrum – @theosdaddy]
10. Cake in London: WTF.

11. Beer in London: essential yet pretentious.



12. Beer up North: essential and cheap.

A photo posted by Adrian Bezzina (@adrianbezz) on


13. Property up North: pretty reasonable.
£403,000 [Zoopla]
14. Property in London: impressively un-fucking-believable.
15. Essential items in London: somewhat questionable.
16. Essential items up North: essential.
17. Warning signs up North: necessary for everyone’s safety and happiness.

18. Warning signs in London: integral for survival.

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  1. Interesting choice of image for the graffiti one as it looks like a crap rip off of Sheffield based street artist Faunagraphic

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