The 17 Golden Rules All Cyclists Must Abide By In London

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The 17 Golden Rules All Cyclists Must Abide By In London

It’s a dangerous world on two wheels…

1. Make sure your bike has the correct lights, reflectors and that you’re wearing the right clothing (and a helmet!).
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2. If you value your life, never undertake lorries/buses or any other large vehicles.
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3. If you want to be seen by other drivers in a spot with no bike paths, cycle in the middle of the road.
4. Anticipate everyone’s mistakes and try to maintain calm when they inevitably make it.
5. Be aware of your surroundings, including other cyclists, pedestrians, tourists, children, prams…
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6. If possible, make eye contact when you’re about to manoeuvre.
7. Watch out for the pigeons and other wildlife!
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8, Be suspicious of taxi drivers and uber drivers…
9. Be suspicious of politicians on bikes.
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10. Signal your intent to stop and turn.
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11. Do not squeeze between the big red buses!
12. Check over your shoulder when overtaking and when turning.
13. The pavement is not for cycling!
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14. Red lights mean stop.
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15. Be prepared to give your right of way away to idiots who should stick to the tube.
16. If an upcoming situation looks dangerous, don’t take the chance! Dismount and walk like a boss.
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17. Enjoy the sense of superiority that other healthy, non-polluting cyclists enjoy.
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