16 Times London Still Managed To Look Magnificent Despite The Weather


“Where is the warmth and the sun?!” We hear you proclaim from your jacketed, gloved up and scarf swaddled selves. Well yeah, we’re wondering the same bloody thing … but there’s one thing we can remain happy about: London always manages to pull it off!

No matter the weather, London definitely knows how to scrub up well so here’s a few times when London still managed to capture our hearts despite the dreary climate …

1. There’s just something about those red phone boxes 


2. A rain speckled lens …

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3. There’s nothing like a good patch of cloud to greet you when you look out the window

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4. Such gloomy weather calls for the most artsy of shots 


5. Holed up undercover for when the rain starts to pour


6. Soggy, wet leaves aren’t quite the same as crisp, fresh ones 


7. Nighttime strolls around our beloved capital


8. A pavement so damp you can catch your reflection in it

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9. London necessity: A fabulous umbrella because you will need one

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10. Bustling Londoners can’t be stopped by a little rain, for goodness sake!

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11. Tower Bridge is definitely one of our most Instagrammable *smug face*

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12. Good ole’ Piccadilly Circus in action


13. When the rainbow juuuust about peeks through the clouds

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14. The skyline even manages to look good in the midst of dark, grey clouds

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15. Half bright sunshine, half thunderstorm incoming – just a typical day in London

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16. Even on our bitterly cold walks home, London still has our hearts ❤️

Feature Image: Raphaël Chekroun.

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