16 Times Horror Movies Perfectly Summed Up Moving To London

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Life as a Londoner is exciting, energetic and perhaps a little bit overwhelming. Shady characters, dark lonely rides on the night bus and paying £7 for a pint really is the stuff of nightmares and for the unsuspecting fresh faced new Londoner life can get pretty f*cking scary.


1. Packing up your finest raincoat and moving into London feeling naively blissful your new life.
giphy (2)
2. When you realise the £800 monthly rent for your closet bedroom is actually £800 weekly.
3. You want to leave but it’s too late cos you’ve already signed the contract.
giphy (1)
4. How you view your amenities when you realise that water bills aren’t included in your rent.
giphy (4)
5. How you feel getting ready for your first night out in the big city…
giphy (5)
6. … but then the bartender tells you how much your drink costs.
giphy (7)
7. When someone buys the squad a round of drinks.
giphy (12)
8. You experience your first encounter with the infamous London Hipster who pretentiously punishes you educating you with what he would describe as a ‘musical awakening.’
giphy (8)
9. Your first ride on the night bus (or night tube!!!!) home.
giphy (3)
10. Having a go at a London tinder date but then waking up next to this…
giphy (10)
11. When you cant afford to pay your electricity bills and the company wont give you any extension.
giphy (11)
12. When you realise your commute to work will take you an hour and a half despite being in the same city in which you live…
giphy (15)
13. When your new coworkers find you on social media.
giphy (13)
14. When you’re waiting at the station and your tube keeps getting more and more delayed.
giphy (16)
15. When you realise how expensive/hipster/tourist-infected/hectic London is but choose to live here anyway…
giphy (17)
16. … ‘Cos despite it all London is still the best place to live! 🙂
giphy (19)

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