16 Things We Have Learnt From Dot On Eastenders

June Brown (Dot on Easties) is turning 90 on the 16th February! To celebrate our favourite East-end gal, we thank Dot Cotton for all the life lessons she has given us over the years…


1. ‘Oh I say!’ is a legitimate response to anything.



2. Gossip keeps you young.



3. 20 a day also keeps you young.


4. You are never too old to go to jail. #freedot


5. Outrage on such a scale has not been seen since Ian came back like this.



6. Never trust anyone – Especially your son. Especially if he is called Nick.


7. Especially not any letters from Fatboy.


8. The ultimate hipster drinks sherry out of a tea-cup.


9. Kleenex not coke.


10. Cheekbones can last a lifetime.


11. ‘Just a small one please. You know I rarely drink.’ is total bullshit.


12. Laundrettes pretty much run themselves.


13. It is possible to make it through 32 Christmas specials alive.


14. Overalls can be styled out.


15. You can be someone’s icon no matter how old you are.


16. Dot. Dot. Dot dot dot dot dot dot………………..


(Feature Image: @GossipEnders via twitter

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