16 Things That Happened In London To Prove 2016 Wasn’t Sooooo Bad

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

16 Things That Happened In London To Prove 2016 Wasn’t Sooooo Bad

There’s a lot of talk flying around that 2016 wasn’t one of the best years for the world and London. We say, nay! There’s plenty of cheery things to look back on…


1. The Night Tube finally launched on 5 lines.

A year late, but yay!


2. And with the Night Tube came these ingenious signs.
[Bryn And Liv]
3. We got our very own Night Czar to make London’s nightlife ace.


4. Fabric closed – but then it reopened!!


5. Andy Murray Won Wimbledon.


6. We saw the rise of Veggie Pret.


7. Doug the Pug came to London.

A photo posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

8. Strangers got NAKED and ate with each other.

At The Bunyadi restaurant, which is trying to get a permanent fixture


9. Yes, there was Brexit. But hey – property prices went down.


10. Buster the Boxer made us all extremely happy.

And we could experience the ad in VR at John Lewis, Oxford Street.


11. London got a HUGE LEGO Store.
12. There was this romantic proposal at London Pride.


13. We discovered book fairies on the Underground.

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And Emma Watson was one of them.


14. Queen Elizabeth turned 90 in style.

And pub opening hours were extended, so the common folk could drink for her.


15. These breathtaking pictures were brought to our attention.


16. And, of course, we thanked our lucky stars that we live in London.

So, all in all, a great year!

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