16 Strange Things That All Londoners Do (But Probably Won’t Admit!)

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

16 Strange Things That All Londoners Do (But Probably Won’t Admit!)

Everyone has their own weird little habits. Londoners however, seem to have developed an entire collection of weird little habits. Don’t make us feel crazy by pretending you don’t do these things, ‘cos we totally know you do…


1. Making weird faces at a baby on the tube but ending up just looking creepy to their parents.

2. Or not being able to stop yourself staring when you see a cute dog.

3. Fantasising about the eternal demise of the stranger walking too slowly in front of you.

4. Thinking that any place that serves ‘egg white’ in a cocktail is instantly cool.

5. Or that anywhere on a rooftop is worth going to.

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6. Judging any friend who says they enjoy Angus Steakhouse.

7. Refusing to accept free samples from the people outside tube stations before even knowing what they’re offering.

8. Imagining yourself tripping and falling down the escalators at stations.

9. Or imagining Tower/London/Millennium Bridge collapsing every time you walk over them.

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10. Complaining to your friends about the monster of gentrification as you walk down Shoreditch High Street with a Starbucks cup in hand.

11. Mimicking the ‘Mind the Gap’ lady mockingly in your head.

12. Unintentionally memorising the stations on your commute and mouthing them along with the announcement.

13. Falling in love with a complete stranger sitting opposite you on the tube.

14. Instantly forgetting any geographical knowledge of London the moment someone asks you for directions.

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15. Actually believing that food bought from a street market genuinely tastes better than food bought from Pret.

16. Seeing a queue and considering joining it just because there’s probably something cool at the end of it.



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