16 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With A Londoner


You know all the stereotypes about Londoners? How the men are all well-dressed, floppy haired, bookshop owners with impeccable manners, a conveniently located terraced house in West London and an amazing ability to invent perplexing yet endearing profanities (“Ohhhhh…..cockwinkle!”)? And the women? We’re all the perfect balance of vegan do-gooders and effortlessly chic tomboys, of course. Somewhere between Deliciously Ella and Cara Delevigne, with a few less followers on Instagram but the same God-given gift to wake up looking flawless in the morning…

Lies. ALL LIES. Here are the real reasons you should fall in love with a Londoner. And it predominantly revolves around queueing.


1. They’ll give you a room in their pent house…
[Strutt And Parker]
2. …Or more likely a floor in their flat share.
[Daily Mail]
3. Either way you’ll have a place to stay in London, which means you’re saving yourself about 16 grand a year.
Or £33,000 a year, if your heart’s set on Knightsbridge…


4. They’ll probably be really, really, devilishly good looking…
[Flowing Visual Mind]
5. …And if they’re not, at least they’ll make you laugh.
[You Tube]
6. Because everyone knows Brits have the best sense of humour.
7. They know which rules are worth breaking.
[Daily Echo]
8. And which ones definitely aren’t.



9. They’ll teach you the art of queueing.
[The Independent]
10. Which will come in handy more times than you’ll realise…
[Huffington Post]
11. They’ll know the best way to cure your hangover.



12. But they’ll probably be the reason you were feeling it in the first place.



13. They’ll always let you off the tube first.
But don’t go thinking you’re special – they do it to everyone [Flickr: s_sohaib]
14. And they’ll take you on some spectacular dates.



15. Because although they may not have a back garden…



16. …They’ll have some pretty unbelievable spots on their doorstep.
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