16 Reasons Why Autumn In London Will Leave You Mesmerised

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16 Reasons Why Autumn In London Will Leave You Mesmerised

Today marks the day of the Autumn Equinox, meaning that the earth’s position gives us an equal mount of day and night and, to some, signifies the end of summer. And although we’ll miss the lighter evenings, the al fresco drinking and the (occasional) sunny day, we’re excited for the dawn of autumnal walks, the crisp sound of amber leaves beneath our feet, the foggy sunrises and the slightly cooler journeys on the Underground (emphasis on the ‘slightly’). Here’s some photos (both recent and from last autumn) to whet your appetite for London in its golden prime.


1. London seriously suits the autumnal oranges and yellows.


2. Crunchy leaves are so satisfying to tread on.


3. And they also dress London’s parks quite spectacularly.

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4. Your favourite secret spots in London looks that little bit more enchanting.

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5. And the slightly dimmer sunshine suits the city perfectly.

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6. Making London look oh so inviting.

The London Skyline from Richmond Park ? A 10 mile view across the Royal Park. #thisislondon #LondonInAutumn

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7. Nothing quite sums up your morning commute better than a moody fog.


8. And sometimes it’s quite nice to see the sunset from your office.


9. With autumn comes a lot more time for this.

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10. And with it, of course, comes the official return of the roast.

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11. Along with plenty more excuses to cosy up inside, preferably by a fire.


12. We’ve also got the ever-dazzling Bonfire Night fireworks to look forward to.


13. Waking up might be a little trickier as the days get darker…

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14. But nothing can contend with the feeling of first stepping out into the crisp fresh air.


15. Apart from maybe this view.


16. Or, better still, pull up a seat right here and watching London go by…
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