16 Phrases That Will Induce Sheer Terror In Any Londonder

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16 Phrases That Will Induce Sheer Terror In Any Londonder

It’s the stuff of nightmares. The feeling of dread upon hearing these phrases is far more potent than any messy night out, STI check or family gathering could ever evoke. Just a few words. That’s all it takes to induce a heart palpitation, panic attack and breakdown in every (ok, not every, but the fellow dramatic) city dweller out there. Unexpected. Item. *sob* In. The. *beads of sweat* Bagging. Area. BAAAHHH!


1. ‘Yep, and then you just need to change at Bank….’

[Flickr: Green, Cream and Tangerine]
2. ‘Come over and we can catch up. I’ve just moved to Ruislip – it’s lovely’.

3. ‘Where did you two love birds meet?’

Ehrm…aahh…eerrr…in this new bar called, er, Schminder? [Mashable]

4. ‘Last orders!’

5. ‘I think I saw you featured in ‘Women Who Eat On Tubes’. 

6. ‘The destination of this train/bus has now changed’.


7. ‘There’s a heatwave coming’. (The tube ?)

8. ‘There’s a snow storm coming’. (The tube ?)

9. ‘There’s some weather other than cloudy-sunny coming’. (The tube ?)

10. ‘Hellooo theerree, could you spare a minute of your time?’

*Stomach falls out of bottom* [Irkitated]

11. ‘Unidentified item in the bagging area’.

12. ‘The WiFi is down’.

13. ‘Lets go shopping…on Oxford Street. It’s Saturday afternoon, after all’.


14. ‘I’m having my birthday in *insert club where girls go free and guys have to pay*’.

15. ‘I’m having my birthday in *insert club where anyone has to pay*’.

16. ‘What fun shenanigans did you get up to this weekend?’

“Fun shenanigans you say…” [Giphy]

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