16 Photos That Prove That Prince George Is The Sassier Sibling

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Happy birthday little Prince! We’ll celebrate by taking it back to the time Prince George outshone Princess Charlotte… at her own christening…


1. Inside that black box was a little baby awaiting to be christened.


2. But strolling alongside her was Prince George A.K.A third-in-line-to-the-throne-and-don’t-you-forget-it.


3. His garms were kind of wavey. And totally retro. (Yep, that’s a look fresh from Daddy’s 1980s wardrobe right there).


4. And he had his strut down. **Lean back, lean back.**


5. He’d been practicing his wave game.


6. Meaning his sass-factor was kind of off the chart.


7. He knew where the camera was at all times.


8. Like, literally every second.


9. And he even had a bit of wardrobe advice for his Grandma. “That hat? I mean…”


10.  Sometimes he peered in on his sister – just to check she was still there.


11. But all in all he thought her presence was kind of unnecessary. So he tried to wheel her off.


12. For a few seconds all eyes weren’t on Prince George. And that was upsetting.


13. But order was swiftly restored and dominance reasserted.


14. Because all that kissy-kissy stuff we saw?
15. Was utter BS.


16. This was Prince George’s day to shine.


Adapted from BuzzFeed. 



Tabby Powell-Tuck

Tabby Powell-Tuck

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