16 Photos That Prove That Prince George Is The Sassier Sibling

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

16 Photos That Prove That Prince George Is The Sassier Sibling

Happy birthday little Prince! We’ll celebrate by taking it back to the time Prince George outshone Princess Charlotte… at her own christening…


1. Inside that black box was a little baby awaiting to be christened.


2. But strolling alongside her was Prince George A.K.A third-in-line-to-the-throne-and-don’t-you-forget-it.


3. His garms were kind of wavey. And totally retro. (Yep, that’s a look fresh from Daddy’s 1980s wardrobe right there).


4. And he had his strut down. **Lean back, lean back.**


5. He’d been practicing his wave game.


6. Meaning his sass-factor was kind of off the chart.


7. He knew where the camera was at all times.


8. Like, literally every second.


9. And he even had a bit of wardrobe advice for his Grandma. “That hat? I mean…”


10.  Sometimes he peered in on his sister – just to check she was still there.


11. But all in all he thought her presence was kind of unnecessary. So he tried to wheel her off.


12. For a few seconds all eyes weren’t on Prince George. And that was upsetting.


13. But order was swiftly restored and dominance reasserted.


14. Because all that kissy-kissy stuff we saw?
15. Was utter BS.


16. This was Prince George’s day to shine.


Adapted from BuzzFeed. 



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