28 Harsh Truths You Learn When You Move To London After Uni

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

28 Harsh Truths You Learn When You Move To London After Uni

Do you remember back when you were a student and the moments you vaguely thought about life after uni? The aim was to move to London, probably. Find a job, hopefully. But the realisation of London life doesn’t hit you until you’re in it.


1. You never knew what having no money was like (really) until now.

2. And you kind of wish you’d thought ahead and fed your student loan into a savings’ account for London living.

3. You’re no longer able to just walk to your friends’ house. They live in Clapham. You live in Bow.

4. You can’t actually believe it takes over an hour to get from one end of town to the other.

5. It’s no longer acceptable to pop to the shop in your PJs.

6. You have to take out a small loan for a single night out.

7. But at least a night on Clapham Hight Street’s ‘strip’ can give you a taste of student life again.

8. If you forget your ID, there’s no way you can blag your way into the club. The bouncers don’t know you here.

9. Getting black out drunk is slightly more dangerous…

10. Because the journey home is way more complicated.

11. And mega cheap cabs are not are thing here.

12. Cheap is NOT a thing here.

13. …There’s no student union, or go-to pub, for cheap beers.



14. So you still have to ‘pre-drink’, but it’s far more depressing.

15. Because it lacks drinking chants and games. (It’s now just to drown your sorrows)

16. There’s no greasy spoon quite like the one round the corner from your uni house.

17. It’s all rye bread and smashed avocado here.

18. And there’s no way that will cure your hangover.

19. You will probably still drink in the middle of the week though…

20. Only difference is, when you’re hungover, you can’t just ‘decide’ not to go to your 9am start anymore.

21. Because you (hopefully) have a job.

22. …One that has nothing to do with your degree.

23. That, or you’re doing an internship to get ‘experience’.

24. Napping in the middle of the day isn’t a thing anymore

25. And now that you’re living for the weekend, you feel guilty just doing nothing in your spare time.

But there’s too much to do here…

26. Finding new housemates on SpareRoom is like going back to halls again.

best friends


27. Only 1,000,000 times more expensive…

28. But no matter how broke you are, you know you’re not leaving any time soon, because you’re having the most fun you’ve had (since uni).

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