The 15 Most Annoying Things That Happen On Your London Commute

Getting to and from work often feels like a job in itself. Are we getting paid for this? Are we fuck.


1. Delays.

The most obvious of course but seriously this can ruin your entire day.

2. Your water bottle spills into your day all over your papers and laptop.
3. When some INCONSIDERABLE ARSEHOLE brings a crying baby onto your carriage and it screams the entire. fucking. time.

Isn’t our life bad enough already?

4. When the guy next to you has unbelievably ripe body odour.
5. And then your train stops and you have to sit next to him for even longer.
6. Falling asleep and missing your stop.

Then having to change and travel back the other direction past all the stops you slept through..

7. Putting your face too close to someone’s armpit and regretting it for the rest of your life.

Again please Raven…

8. Getting stuck at the barriers behind some f*ck wit who didn’t get his Oyster Card out in time.


9. Or even worse, being that f*ck wit who forgot to top up his Oyster and gets rejected from the barrier so having to do the walk of shame to the machines.
10. Being spoken to.

At any point of your journey.

11. Being asked for directions.

Or getting lost and having to ask for directions yourself.

12. Looking up at the wrong time and catching sight of some hideous manspreading.
13. You’re already late and someone is blocking the escalator with a suitcase.

*imagines kicking the suitcase and person down escalator* *feels calm*

14. Three horrifying little words….

Replacement. Bus. Service.

15. Delays.

We know we already said this one but come on TFL.


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