7 Unbeatable Ways To Spend Your Extra Day In London This Leap Year

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February 29th is, to some extent, an ‘extra day’, so we’ve come up with some ingenious ways to spend it. We kind of wish it was made into a Bank Holiday, because the temptation to sack off work and do what we want with the additional time is almost too much. Have a look at some of the things you can do in London to squeeze the most out of the ‘extra’ time…


1. Leap Around London at Go Ape

[Go Ape]
Climb, scale and leap over the treetops in Battersea Park. After opening last year, Go Ape have taken London by storm. It’s not the longest course in the world, but you still get some pretty amazing views up there. If you’re going to make plans on your extra day, you might as well ‘aim high’. (Sorry) Tickets are £33 for adults and £25 for those monkeys under 16. For more information, check out their website.


2. Extreme Cheese and Wine Tasting

[Vivat Bachus]
Because who doesn’t want to spend their extra day drinking the grape’s sweet nectar and eating cheese? And we’re talking about some serious stinkers and bad ass blues, accompanied with wine to perfectly compliment the flavours. On Monday at 7pm, you can head down to Vivat Bacchus, by London Bridge, for more than just a gouda night. Check out the event for further information and download the Fever app to book your place!


3. Stay at home and demolish a takeaway

[Busaba Eathai]
Because Leap Day is only an addition to the year, the day itself doesn’t actually count, right? Which means that it’s totally acceptable to skive off work and life altogether. In fact, it’s best not to leave the house at all. Let’s just order a Deliveroo and eat something delicious from the comfort of our own sofa (because Leap Day calories don’t count either!). Download the Fever app and all first time users can get a free Deliveroo delivery! Winning.


4. Propose at SeaLife London

If you’re a lady looking to take action and follow the leap year tradition, then the SeaLife London Aquarium have put together a special Leap Day Proposal package. As well as entry to the aquarium and champagne on arrival, a trained diver will swim to the bottom of the tank holding a strategically placed sign. What a better way to pop the question… No one could refuse, surely?


5. Denim Leap Year Party

[Vault Festival]
What better way to welcome the bissextile day this year than with one hell of a unique experience. Vault Festival is teaming up with Denim and Time Out London to throw a truly subversive party, celebrating gender subversion and diversity. They’ll be a variety of acts and performers, from queer punk bands and underground DJ’s, to Denim – a 5-part drag girl band. Tickets are £16.75. You can check out the Vaults website for more info.


6. Catch up on some reading

Never have enough time to read? Head to the Daunt Book shop in Marylebone for a perfect place to indulge in the written word. You could really spend a day in one corner of this gorgeous shop, getting lost in a novel. The Daunt Book stores also run regular events and talks with authors, so make sure to have a look at their website to see what’s happening this month.


7. Or catch up on the zzz’s you’ve missed this year

How many late nights in the office, early morninglong nights of drinking have you had over the past 4 years? Why not use Leap Day to catch up on the collective number of hours sleep you’ve missed. Rather than snooze in your own bed, why not take this nap to the water. Head to Floatworks, near South Quay, for a unique, revitalising hour-long kip. For the first 10 minutes you’ll listen to music, before spending the following 50 minutes floating in Golden Silence. Float sessions are £65 – for more information, see their website.


Featured Image Credit: Instagram @night.scape

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