15 Ways To Beat The Post-Summer Blues In London

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15 Ways To Beat The Post-Summer Blues In London

We’re now really starting to notice the shorter days and colder nights, and all we want to do is hibernate under our duvets and watch crappy TV shows on repeat. Now that we’re almost two weeks into October that is more than acceptable, but we thought we’d give you a few other options before you sit and watch Breaking Bad for the seventh time in a row…


1. “Netflix and Chill”

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Yes, we did just say we’d give you other options but this cannot be ignored. As much as the phrase really makes us squirm, the cold weather gives us a great excuse to exploit it. (By the way, we mean this in the most innocent of ways. Most of the time…)


2. Exercise.

Hahahaha. But really though, endorphins and stuff…


3. Go on a bloody holiday.

Seriously, get the hell out of here.


4. Buy a new scarf or a new jumper.

Because you absolutely do not own enough of them already.


5. Eat all of the carbs.

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Because your body *needs* them, and you *deserve* them.


6. Embrace the Autumn.

Go on a pretty walk somewhere and enjoy the blustery Autumn breeze. Here’s a few ideas for lovely London walks.


7. Drink tea.

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Rinse the British stereotype for all it’s worth and drink lots and lots of tea. It doesn’t get much better than a decent cuppa. Except if you combine it with #1 or #5. Or better still? #1 and #5 simultaneously.


8. Or hot chocolate.

We’ve all missed hot chocolate, right? Here’s a list of our favourite ones in London.


9. Become reacquainted with internet shopping.

After all, it’s far too cold (and much too scary) to go actual real life shopping in London.


10. Bake a cake.

[Let’s Go For A Drink]
If the Bake Off hasn’t inspired you, the cool weather must. Autumn is for cake consumption, or so the saying goes (ok, so it’s not actually a saying… but it should be).


11. Get cultured.

While summers are for sun-lounging in the park, Autumn and Winter are for indoor activities. Yes, that could include the pub, but museums and galleries also have roofs…


12. Of course the pub is an option too…

…but it’s not a weather dependent activity, nor is it reserved for a particular season. That said, when there are toasty fires involved, it immediately becomes a wintery affair. Here’s a list of London pubs with open fireplaces that you should visit.


13. Cheese and wine.

Red wine becomes slightly more acceptable in the colder months (not that we haven’t been drinking it by the truck load even when it was warm). But when it’s accompanied by cheese, it’s a warming, comforting match made in heaven. Here’s a bunch of places we suggest you visit (with the added bonus of charcuterie too, if you fancy it).


14. Fluffy socks.

That is all.

15. Have a roast dinner!

There’s something really satisfying about Yorkshires and gravy on a chilly Sunday. Here’s a handful of places we think you should go for your Sunday roast!


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